36 Y/O, 1.5 Years on TRT, Need Help

Please elaborate by how poorly you responded injecting twice weekly? Whenever you inject weekly you can expect your T levels to swing wildly from a day after injection to the day before your next injection, twice weekly injections is what you should be on do to your SHBG levels. The idea behind injecting more frequently is your peak vs your trough will show a smaller swing in hormone levels and this translates to you feeling better overall.

The fact that your doctor had you on weekly injections tells me he’s clueless and the fact that you’re here is no surprise, May I suggest you inject 40-50mg twice weekly, this way the E2 your produce at peak will be smaller than if you were to inject a larger weekly dosage. I believe the reason why you responded poorly to twice weekly injections has more to do with too high a dosage of T therefore you were producing too much E2, lower T dose lowers E2. You also need to read the stickies.