3 Month Update: Great, Except Boners

@charlie12 - check this out… Insane. Just picked up 90 5mg tadalifil’s -


I’m not sure how I’ll respond to these 5mg vs the 4mg compounded pills… But damn, feels good to save money like this. Thanks again.

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When I switched from compounded to the regular pharmacy I felt it work better.

The compounded pharmacy I used made them XR which is ridiculous cause 1/2 Life is like 18 hours.

I think you close to my age. Am 43. I see myself in Cialis for life. Many benefits

Yes sir, we are the same age. I’m 43 too. As long as that goodrx coupon works and I’m paying $33 for a 90 day supply, I’ll stay on forever too.

Jesus Christ… retail price 1.2K… what a rip (if you had to pay out of pocket)… that’s the most retardedly insane markup I’ve ever seen…

I can get black market cialis for a tenth of that

I couldn’t believe how expensive it was. My urologist sent a script for 4mg daily to a compounding pharmacy, but even that was 130 for a 90 day supply. This goodrx deal is great. 90 5mg tadalifil for $33… Can’t beat that… And as @charlie12 mentioned, I think they are actually working just a bit better than the compounded 4mg pills.

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I can’t believe you guys are just now using GoodRx!!

SOOOO much cheaper!

Every other script I have that I’ve searched for on GR was more expensive than my insurance co-pay… But tadalifil is drastically cheaper for some reason. Insurance covers 4 (four) 5mg pills and that would cost me $40!


How you doing @roscoe88? Been a while since I’ve heard from you. Things going okay?

tadalafil 30 tablets of 20mg were $1837.45 at Walmart cash price. I had them pull goodrx and the total dropped to $38.50

Always get the highest dose and then cut the pills.

Eh, been better. My gf and I broke up a few months back and that’s been a huge stressor. There are some mental health issues with her which aggravate things.

TRT wise, I’m running 30-35mg E3D. Nothing much to report.

I have compound pharmacy combo 20mg Tadalafil / 10mg Sildenafil tablets that I got a while back for $200 for 100 of them. I use them when I plan on going on a marathon (which isn’t that often). I don’t notice a whole lot of difference from them honestly but I have them.

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I know I keep saying this but… get those free T levels up enough, stop worrying about E2, and you’ll land in the wonderful world of boners. Mine wake me up during the night. I’ll be 46 next month. Zero need for cialis or viagra. Save your money. The testosterone increase would be way cheaper.

This is hilarious considering I can get legitimate Cialis without ta script for cheaper. In the UK viagra (legitimate viagra) OTC wasn’t near that price either

My free T is 11.81 which is 3% of total…I have ED…

Where do you think Free T would need to be to help?

@kandeman2 Can you provide a little more info? What is your exact protocol, total T… How long you’ve been on the protocol… Age… Height weight etc?

I’ve recently moved from 42mg to 22mg daily @dbossa, so I’m working on it. My last FT was 24.9 and I’ve had improvements from lower levels. My TRT is all through my urologist and all is covered by insurance (TT was 250 multiple times). I’m not in a financial position to go private, so I’m hoping my urologist isn’t too upset at my next appointment when my TT is high. Last appointment it was 1080 and he wasn’t concerned since my HTC was 47 (I know, I know… But some still look at HTC as a safety check).

Either way, he writes me 200mg a week and I’m taking 154mg a week, so I have room upward and I’d like to keep my script with him, so I’m walking a fine line I think if I just start jacking up my TT/FT before talking to him about how much better I feel at higher levels.

Side note - he used to work at Mens Health in Boston with Abraham Morgentaler, so I’m hoping he will work with me as long as his “safety checks” he uses are fine.

I’m not on a protocol …I’m considering getting on T…

I’m 47… 6’2" 245 lbs…Total T of 347 and Free at 11.81.

So you cut your dose in almost half and feel better? Did I understand that correctly?

@dbossa Damn… Haha, I forgot to type EOD.

Was on 42mg EOD and now at 22mg daily. Sorry

I would say that you would be a good candidate for TRT.

Ah! So you went from 42x3.5=147mg to 22x7=154mg

Your dose is virtually the same but you’re doing daily instead of EOD.

Any remaining symptoms?