28 Y/O. Help With Labs, How to Proceed?

You can live a healthy lifestyle all you want and you will still find it’s not enough, reason is we all live in a toxic wasteland filled with noxious chemicals, food preservatives and drink out of PCB plastic bottles. All of these bombard our endocrine systems, then doctors create these normal ranges collected from sick, obese people who live unhealthy lifestyles. To an inexperienced doctor they will always chase the numbers ignoring your symptoms because they have little experience diagnosing low testosterone, most endo’s out there are clueless about how to diagnose and treat low testosterone. You asked if your low T, our president who is 71 years old has higher testosterone levels (441 ng/dL) than a 28 year old young man. This puts things into perspective doesn’t it?

No SHBG tested, this is a big red flag you’re dealing with a clueless doctor, sex hormone binding globulin is the foundation of all your sex hormones and regulates your free testosterone and it was ignored! Your current doctor will unlikely be able to help you if she doesn’t understand the relationship of SHBG, epic failure! A lot of guys that end up here also have undiagnosed thyroid issues that go untreated, if your thyroid is lagging behind TRT won’t do anything for you and could even make you feel worse.