26 Y/O, Considering TRT After Labs and Symptoms

Your current doctor probably has no idea what HCG is if he/she failed to test for SHBG and E2, this doctor is incompetent and your situation will not improve until you find a doctor that is skilled in male hormones. SHBG is the gold standard for sex hormone testing and you doctor has no idea about it one way or the other, not good!

How is this doctor supposed to balance your hormones, luck? You’re going to have to leave the diseases healthcare system if you want proper care, it’s that simple. Insurance based doctors have no guidelines to tell them what labs to run and how to administer TRT properly, all of them will struggle with understanding TRT.

If SHBG is low then your dosage is all wrong and you will continue to suffer. Not all insurance companies cover HCG as it’s a fertility drug. You need to inject 50mg twice weekly and hold off on the AI. It’s going to be a real challenge to find a doctor who is skilled at TRT.