2 Years on TRT - Very Strange Symptoms

Your problem is easy to fix, injections once weekly produces huge swings (1520-480) in hormone levels, levels peak within 24-48 hours and are lower by the end of the week, your SHBG is lower and you need to split those injections up 2-3 times per week.

I have lower SHBG and when I inject twice weekly I get moderate swings in hormone levels, I only respond strongly to TRT when injecting smaller doses every other day. Infrequent injections also cause estrogen to spikes, probably does the same to DHT. For me any Total T level above 600 and hair starts falling out and ache starts up.

You’re peaking at 1520 and days later your at 480, those are the swings we are talking about and what you’re feeling. I suggest you inject 20mg EOD targeting nothing higher than 600 ng/dL, check levels in 6 weeks. You will feel more consistent, twice weekly I still notice fluctuations. Levels are pretty static on EOD injections, no more high and lows. You will never see therapeutic levels on androgel.