2-Week Cycle Post T Levels

If I have a blood test one or two days after a 2 week cycle of 50 mg dbol, 50 mg of clomid and 250 mg of cytadren daily will my testosterone levels be low enough to make a doc prescribe T-replacement therapy for me ?

Should I avoid clomid after the cycle and start it after
the test or is the difference marginal ?

Also is more than one low test result required ?

No, you’ll need to ditch the clomid. Although even with the clomid your levels may go down somewhat from taking the D-Bol. I’d imagine they wouldn’t go down enough to warrant the doc prescribing you test.

Personally I’d take the test during the 50 mg/day Dianabol cycle, divided dosages. By the way, if you took the Dianabol single dose in the morning, you quite likely would not show low T at all during that cycle. If the purpose were showing low T, I’d leave off the Clomid. You’d probably have low T despite the Clomid while using that dose of Dianabol as the only drug but I am not personally certain of it. 50 mg/day Dianabol as the only steroid is not a very heavy steroid dosage and doesn’t tend to be completely suppressive even with divided doses.