18 chins in 10 weeks - help me - revisited

Hey Guys - thanks for all your help so far - Im on my way to 18 chins. I have another question - what other upper body excercises should I include? are there any that should be avoided right now? Im not doing any leg training right now as i need to lean out my legs to lose weight to be able to do the 18 chins (on the advice of Coach Davies). Im doing some GPP excercises to cut up a bit. I have 9 weeks to go and here is some other info. I have 2 bottles androsol, 2 tribex, plenty of vitex, bottle of original T2, vitamins, ephedrine and caffeine along with ZMA. Any suggestions on how I should use these supps in order to help me get up to 18 chins in the next 9 weeks? (I have used all of these before with success, I just dont know - bottle of andro followed by tribex followed by repeat of cycle or the other way around with tribex first so i can finish with andro before the test?) Ill keep you posted. Ill make a little supp plan a post it tomorrow and you can critique it for me then. Thanks again for all your help so far.

okay - supplement plan #1.
I have 9 weeks left. WEEKS 1-2 Start with 4 caps of tribex twice a day for 11days(90 caps per bottle/8 a day). Include vitex at 400mg a day and 3 caps ZMA a day every second day. I will also add 500mg vitamin C and 400iu vitamin E a day along with a multi vitamin. WEEKS 3-4 70 sprays twice a day of androsol. Vitex at 400mg a day and 3 caps ZMA everyday. 500mg vitamin C and 400iu vitamin E with a multi vitamin. WEEKS 5-6 repeat weeks 1-2. WEEKS 7-8 repeat weeks 3-4. I would start in one week so that I would have my testing right around the time I was finishing my Androsol. This week I`m off ALL supplements except protein powder.

Supplement Plan #2. Same as above but WEEKS 3-4 would be switched with WEEKS 1-2 etc. so that I would finish with Tribex at testing time and not Androsol.

Which do you think would be better to help me obtain my goals? I also have a bottle of the original T2 and I`m unsure how to include it in my plan. Any ideas?

The focus of my overall plan is to be able to do 18 chins in the next 9 weeks. Im doing some of the GPP training seen in Coach Davies Renegade training article to lean up and Im only working upper body as I do not want to put lower body mass on and get too heavy. I`m currently 6 feet 200lbs at around 12% body fat and 20 years old. Any training ideas would also be appreciated - any movements that I should include to improve my chinups would be good or anything that I should avoid. Thanks for any ideas that you may have.

Not sure if someone else has suggested this already, but synaptic facilitation training should work. Basically, you want to do chins as often as you can (3-4 times a day), never going to failure. Test occasionally to see where you’re at. You may also want to mix it up a little and use some additional weight on some of your sets, or use a long negative on the last rep of each set.

As far as supps go, it seems like you're on the right track. If you lost some weight that would be less weight you'd have to pull up, and you're taking androgens in order to preserve lean muscle tissue. So I can't really suggest anything here.

Hey Spanky – do you think I should start with the tribex cycle first or the androsol cycle first? Would doing the androsol first be better because it would immediately raise androgen levels in my blood and the tribex after because it would then maintain these levels or the other way around?

Sounds like you’d want to do the Androsol first. Then follow up with Tribex/Vitex.

You say androsol and then vitex/tribex, should i take vitex with androsol?

I’ve never used Androsol before, so I’m not sure what the effects would be if you took it with Vitex. While it makes sense that you’d want to use it when off of Androsol, I don’t know how effective it would be during a cycle.

Not to question the good coach, but did her really suggest no lower body work? I cant see the benefit compared with low volume, low rep, high weight deads. 24 reps at least 2 per week. I would avoid direct bicep training and any other back work, if your specific goal is increased chins. Ladders, my man, ladders!!! that with overhead presses, something in the same plane. Where did you start and where are you now and when are you scheduled to test???

It wasn’t that we aren’t doing lower body work but the training is done to address his overwhelming need to perform the test. I certainly agree with your comments about ladders as well. In faith, Coach Davies

How should I include t2 with my supplement plan - while im on tribex or androsol - or cycle on for two weeks off for two until the end and forget what other supps Im using (or more than 2 weeks?). Next should I use vitex the whole time or only with tribex? Thanks again guys you`ve been great.