12th Workout clips

Got some tricep shots yesterday morning :slight_smile:

Triceps have come up real fast in strength and size since I started training em, added some delt size too! Bodyweight holding steady at 218lbs just with clothing on.

left and right side have such different shape though …
Hopefully it will not be a weakpoint in pressing strength for not too much longer


Clip from today, sets of powerclean+hangclean+powerjerks

131, 155, 175 and 185lbs. Been a week+ since I did any olys so I’m kinda rusty, and I’m also trying a new starting position. Feels like I get much more power. Still swinging the weights up slightly though, and hand problems with rack on the heavier sets for some reason, plus not quite getting the bar behind the head on the powerjerk - I need to lean more forward.

Still I felt pretty snappy today. Guess I am stronger :slight_smile:

Did have problems in the squat down, sat too far back sometimes…

Right click on clip and save before watching to avoid errors!



youre room is a mess :slight_smile:

nice size…

i just watched your clips.

have you ever trained with a coach? I think your in a level that it’s just what you need

Your second pull is a little too late and with shoulders not in front of the bar, which in turn partialy causes your catch to be imperfect (too high, some off the time flipping with the arm muscles)

even if the weight is very light you should catch at sternum level. lower sternum that is, any thing higher the bar is to in front of you, ruining tecnique for heavy lifts and usinf delts/arms.

nice speed though.

I am by no means an expert but have/am training with a coach so it helps.

It just looks messy, but really isn’t :slight_smile:

Yeah a coach would really help me, I have to do a lot of guesswork at the moment. I sorta have to make a small change film it, then look at it and then tinker again every workout.
But I’m not into olys as I once was, kinda getting sick of them. I just do them with light weights here and there for fun at the moment.

So I’m concentratng and getting stonger for now. And when I reach my short term goals then maybe get back into them more and go to a proper oly gym to learn them. Right now its a hassle for me to go out of my way to get a coach etc and I’m not going to compete in them anyway. It’s just cool to be able to do them :slight_smile:

Also one reason why the rack is harder/different is proably because of the increased size of the arms since I stepped up the upper body lifts - especially on the bicep side :slight_smile:

yesterday’s workout…hmmm biceps aren’t even sore :slight_smile:

It’s amazing how fast my work capacity has jumped! The amount of worksets I can do before I fail is pretty amazing.
Even those compund olys I did yesterday were pretty easy on the body, I used to feel gassed out doing em.

Tuesday 18th March - Cycle 1 Get Stronger - Week 6 - - Day 3 - Upper1 10% Fatigue Toleration - Afternoon

Not a bad workout considering I only had 4+ hours sleep and had some fatigue from yesterday’s lower workout. Got me a new close grip bench PR, but not the one I could have had

Work capacity of my back and biceps really surprised me!
Also removed seated pulley rows from this workout, to keep workout time a bit shorter…

Workout time - 2 hour 15 mins
Workout rating - 7.5/10


Did my general warmup - dynamic swings etc, and 10 reps with 25lb in various exercises - pull, press, oly goodmorning, snatch grip BN press, hang powerclean

Rotating sets between each exercise, 1 to 1.5 mins between each during warmups and earlier sets and then 3 mins later on

14 inch grip Bench

Warmups - Pushup against high bench -3x 6 sec ISO holds on the way up then 8 plyo pushups,
45x10, 95x10, 135x8, 185x4

Rotation 1) - 245lbs x 3.25 New 3RM PR!! Hit rack on the way down for 4th possible rep!

5% of (15%BW+load) dropoff
Rotation 2) 215lbs x 4
Rotation 3) 215lbs x 4
Rotation 4) 215lbs x 4
Rotation 5) 215lbs x 4
Rotation 6) 215lbs x 1.5 → felt really heavy taking it off the pins

Well my warmups weren’t that great, in hindsight I should have done a triple with 185, then a single with 215 or 225. I thought the stuff I did on dips would be enough, but 185x4 to 245 is a big jump and so my groove was off and a bit slow. I did have the 4th rep I feel, but hit the rack hook on the way down, and then landed on the pins which pretty much killed my stretch reflex!
Oh well - if I had got 4 reps it would ahve been a 10lb PR, but at least I got a new 3RM

45 degree Chest Supported T-Bar Rows - Wide palms down grip - 9sec hold

Warmups - barx10, Bar+25x8 , Bar+45x5, Bar+70x5, Bar+90x5, Bar+115x3

Assuming bar weighs 20lbs
Rotation 1) Bar+145lbs x 4 New PR!!

10% of (15%BW+load) dropoff
Rotation 2) Bar+125lbs x 4
Rotation 3) Bar+125lbs x 4
Rotation 4) Bar+125lbs x 4
Rotation 5) Bar+125lbs x 4
Rotation 6) Bar+125lbs x 4
Rotation 7) Bar+125lbs x 4 —> felt hard, so stopped here

Finally over the 3 wheels mark - and amazing I knocked off so many sets!

Tricep Dips

Warmup - Lockout ISO Hold x5 secs, x10 secs, BWx3, +15lbs x3

Bodyweight at 219lbs
Rotation 1) +35lbs x 11 New PR!! +2reps

10% of (85%BW+load) dropoff
Rotation 2) +12.5lbs x 11
Rotation 3) +12.5lbs x 11
Rotation 4) +12.5lbs x 9

Dumbell Curl

Warmup - 3kg x5, 15lbsx5, 30lbsx3

Rotation 1) 45lbs x 6 New PR!!

10% of (6%BW+load) dropoff
Rotation 2) 40lbs x 6
Rotation 3) 40lbs x 6
Rotation 4) 40lbs x 6
Rotation 5) 40lbs x 6
Rotation 6) 40lbs x 6
Rotation 7) 40lbs x 5

7 total sets who would have thunk!?

Bits and pieces

Single Arm Standing Low Pulley L-Flyes on Free Motion Machine
Warmup - 10lb x 6 Tempo - 1010 rest - 3mins

25lbs x 14 New PR!! +6reps

10% of (6%BW+load) dropoff
20lbs x 14, 20lbs x13


ISO Stretches - EQI

Low Pulley ROW Stretched ISO hold - Close Curl Grip on Staright Bar

45kg x 1.5mins

Tricep Dip Forward leaning Leg supported Stretched ISO hold
BW x 1.5 mins

Free Motion Pulley Delt Stretched ISO hold
80lbs x 1min

Shoulder dislocate pec stretches with light bands

clips from yesterday

right click on each clip and save before watching to avoid errors!

FullOlysquat 335lbs x3

293lbs Clean deadlift off a 2inch block, plus shrug and lowered into a 28second ISO hold an inch off the floor - clip is cut off though, ran out of memory

I also did some powersnatch into overheadsquats, might put the clips up later, but theya re ugly though smile.gif

main workout


Used bar for couple sets of warmup stuff

rest - 2-3mins

Powersnatch + overheadsquat - 89lbs x 2 sets
Powersnatch + overheadsquats - 109lbs x 2sets
Powersnatch + 2 overheadsquats - 119lbs x 2sets → wobbly
Powersnatch + overheadsquat - dumped at bottom, powersnatch + 2 OHS - 119lbs

Lighter weights are feeling pretty easy now, but 119lbs is still hard to handle on the overheadsquats

Rotating between each exercise

rest - 3-4mins between each exercise after warmups. 1 to 2 mins until workoutsets

Full Oly Squat - in Oly Shoes - RAW
Warmup sets - reps - Bar x5, 135lbs x5, 225lbs x5, 275lbs x3, 315lbs x1

Rotation 1) 335lbs x3.5 - New 3RM PR!!
Rotation 2) 305lbs x3 → misloaded bar
Rotation 3) 310lbs x3
Rotation 4) 310lbs x3
Rotation 5) 310lbs x3
Rotation 6) 310lbs x2

Squats not particularly enjoyable today, but I grinded through em.

Clean Deadlift + Shrug 30sec ISO hold - in Oly Shoes standing on 2inch block - HookGrip - RAW
Warmup sets - 177lbs x3, 243lbs x3+5sec ISO, 293lbs x 1+5secs ISO

Deadlifted up and shrugged, then lowered to an inch off the floor and held for time
Rotation 1) 293lbs x 28secs New PR!! by default → grip slipping bad
Rotation 2) 273lbs x 28secs
Rotation 3) 273lbs x 28secs → no hook grip and bar ended on finger tips smile.gif
Rotation 4) 273lbs x 25secs

Grip is a serious problem now, but at least I have tools to help fix it now.
Standing on a 2inch block (plus oly shoes which are heel raised 1+ inches) sure makes things harder. Really fried my hammies, glutes and erectors (all the way up the back)

Full Front Squat ISO - CleanGrip in Oly Shoes - RAW - 8secs
Warmup sets - 135lbs x3, 185x1+5sec ISO

Lowered to bottom come up 3inches - hold for 8secs and exploded back up
Rotation 2) 225lbs x 8secs + squat up New PR!! By default
Rotation 3) 225lbs x 8secs + squat up
Rotation 4) 225lbs x 8secs + squat up
Rotation 5) 225lbs x 8secs + squat up

Hmm has to be one of the hardest moves I have ever done! exploded all em up nicely though and no black out or breathing problems!

Lat Machine Situp ISO Hold, Torso Parallel, Dumbell on Chest - 15secs
Warmup sets - BW x 10sec ISO+5reps, 25lbs x10sec ISO+3 reps, 45lbs x10sec ISO+1rep

Rotation 1) 65lbs x 30secs New PR!! +15secs
Rotation 2) 55lbs x 30sec
Rotation 3) 55lbs x 30sec
Rotation 4) 55lbs x 26sec

Real test of pain tolerance :slight_smile:

Bits and Pieces

Cooldown fullsquats
95 x12

Flatback GoodMorning Stretch ISO hold
55lbs x35secs → started at 45 degrees, and ended at parallel onto the pins as fatigue kicked in :stuck_out_tongue:

Reverse Back Extensions
BW x12

Bulgarian SplitSquat Stretched ISO hold
BW x 1min each leg

several questions:

whats the bulgarian split squat?

how did you decide on the full rep to iso method(in the DL)? just trying it or something common?

2:15 workout!!!

thats sweet…

218Lbs, you fat bastard only 2lbs to go before the big 100kg weight barrier!

Training looks cool as normal


GluetSpanker -

That is a splitsquat where you stick the rear leg up on a bench, I’m sure you know it. I just hold the bottom position for time. what you call active loaded flexibility work or EQI. I place the front leg on a 2inch block though.

Just trying it I guess, and it keeps my groove for the exercise, and when you think about the ISO is alway at the end of an eccentric in any exercise. Except on the frontsquat where I hold it near the sticking point area - I figure I kill a few birds with one stone - strnegthen the sticking point, strengthen the muscles in a stretched position, work on starting strength when I explode back up etc :slight_smile:
In future I will try 2 ISO holds on the clean dead in the same set, one at the bottom and one at the knee, as there are two sticking points in the pull.

Well most of my workouts are in the 1.5 to 2.5 hour area now. The 3min rest periods between exercises is the main cause. But I only train 3 times a week, alternating upper and lower and I sip on a watered down carb/whey drink throughout the session to keep me fueled and catabolic free (hopefully).

Now here is the funny thing. When I used to train more normally, and had shorter sessions in the 45 to 1hour 15min area, I used to fry my CNS quite regularly, I would feel fried the next day.
Yet now even with poor sleep and longer workouts now, I am getting stronger, work capacity is rising and I don’t feel fried the day after a workout!
The key is that now my volume is autoregulated and that I train all exercises in a circuit fashion so that I don’t accumlate compound fatigue.

Think about it, if you do 5x3 on squats, then hit 3x8 on RDLs afterwards and some other assitant lifts, the overall level of fatigue is quite high as each exercise compounds the one before.
Whereas for me I do a set of squats, then a set of RDLs, then something else, and then back to squats - I will achieve the right amount of fatigue to create adpation but not too much. And every exercise gets equal importance.

I am fat, but not fat, like I don’t have a gut, but I’m not lean either :slight_smile:
I don’t want to break the 100kg barrier though, I really should be at 88-90kg… :slight_smile:

clips from today’s workout

right click on each clip and save before watching to avoid errors!

Military Press PR 170lbs x4. That noise in the background is an Asian girl applying moves on a boxing bag :slight_smile:


Chin PR +35lbs x4

here is the interesting thing, first that girl on the seated calf raise machine asked me to help her take some plates off the machine. Then I she saw me setup the camera, finishes her set and walks all the way up to mirror to check out her face and looks into the camera? What’s up with that? :slight_smile:


Wednesday 24th March - Cycle 1 Get Stronger - Week 7 - Day 2 - Upper 2 10% Fatigue Toleration - Afternoon

2nd of the upper body toleration workouts, then I take a week off upperbody and stat a new microcycle.

Flyes were really tiring out my upper body - shoulders, triceps and biceps - the main reason why I wasn’t able to crank out many sets with press and chins before reaching the dropoff point.

I will drop em and move dips to this day and tricep extensions to the other upper body day.

What’s also interesting is that it’s been 11 days since I have done any of these exercises…hmm I wonder if I may have lost a bit of strength and work capacity because of that?

Workout time - 2.5 hours
Workout rating - 8/10


Did my general warmup - dynamic swings etc, and 10 reps with 25lb in various exercises - pull, press, oly goodmorning, snatch grip BN press, hang powerclean + powerjerk

Incline Situp, arms outstretched infront, Russian twists to each side at top - BW x8
Back Extensions - 6 normal + 6 twisting to alternate sides
8HangPowercleans + 8 Pushpresses - 45lbs

Rotating Sets between Press, Chin, Tricep, Flye

Resting 1.5mins on warmup sets and then 3-4 mins between each exercise

Standing Military Press in Oly Shoes

Warmups - 75lbs 2x3, 95lbs 2x3, 115lbs 2x3, 135x2, x1, 155x1, 170-walkout

Rotation 1) 170lbs x 4 New PR!! +1 rep

10% of (15%BW+Weight) Dropoff -
Rotation 2) 155lbs x4
Rotation 3) 155lbs x3

Was hard, but got an extra rep, bar almost stalled at the sticking point on the 4th rep of 170lbs but keep pushing it and got it! It was pretty fast off the shoulder and then hit a brick wall. I guess my triceps are still too weak.

Chins - 12 inches between hands

Warmups - chin pulldowns - 30kg x8, 40x3, 50x3, 60x3, 70x3, 80x3 , then BW x1, +20lbs x1, +35lbs x1, BWx1, BWx1

Rotation 1) BW(222lbs) + 35lbs x4 New PR!! +1 rep

10% of (85%BW+Weight) Dropoff -
Rotation 2) +12.5lbs x4 ,
Rotation 3) +12.5lbs x3 ,

While I did PR, the warmups I did tired me out a bit, but I had to keep warm while I warmed up the military press. Bad timing I guess

Decline Parallel Grip Dumbell Tricep Extension

Warmups - (on flat bench) 3kg x10, 15lbs x8, 25lbs x5, 35lbs x5, decline 45x3

Rotation 1) 45lbs x 11 New PR!!

Rotation 2) 45lbs x 10,

Rotation 3) 45lbs x 8,

Rotation 4) 45lbs x 6 → 10% dropoff achieved

Sweet, time to go up 50s :slight_smile:

Pec Fyles

Bent Arms, elbow slightly toward feet, shoulders tucked
Warmups - 3kg x10, 15lbs x8, 25lbs x5, 35lbs x5, 45x3

Rotation 1) 45lbs x 15, New PR!!
Rotation 2) 45lbs x 10 → 10% dropoff achieved

As I mentioned earlier these fatigue out my other msucles, and I don’t think it does much for them either. Plus they irritate my shoulders, so away it goes.
Dropoff did arrive rather quickly though, hmm

Standing Low Pulley L-Flyes ISO on Free Motion Machine

Warmups - 10lbs x5+5sec ISO, 20lbs x5+5sec ISO rest - 3mins

  1. 32.5lbs x 25secs New PR!! +2.5lbs

10% of (6%BW+Weight) Dropoff -

2)27.5lbs x25secs, 3) 27.5lbs x25secs, 4) 27.5lbs x25secs, 5)27.5lbs x22secs

ISO Stretches - EQI

Low Pulley ROW Stretched ISO hold - Close curl Grip on Straight Bar
50kg x 1.5mins

Tricep Dip Forward leaning Leg supported Stretched ISO hold
BW x 1.5mins

Free Motion Pulley Delt Stretched ISO hold
80lbs x 1min each side

Shoulder Dislocates pec stretch with lights bands

yeah but she is quite fit!

you’re not looking fat man don’t worry it, bulking season for you in the southern hemisphere soon so 10% at 95kg for you by next spring.

just out of interest what job do you do to free up 2hrs to train?


Good PR on the military press. That sticking point is exactly where i get it, just got to grind it out. Your speed is good off the bottom and that helps alot.
That chick probably thought you were filming for some documentary on australian TV or a news report and wanted her ‘60 seconds’. Could have fed her a line and filmed her doing olympic squats!

2.5 hours …

btw I think you warm up a little to much.

how much time is the w.o without the warmup/stretching etc?

Dr Stu - yeah she is pretty lean…

I work from home during the day, so I can do what I want, I’m a CD mastering engineer and also write some music and do beta testing for Synth/Audio equipment on the side sometimes :slight_smile:
Wish I did have a home gym though :frowning:

Creed - yeah it’s right where the upper arms are parallel to the ground, same for the bench for me. Except in my case, once I get past that point my weak triceps make it just as hard, where you would expect it to fly up to lockout.

GluteSpanker - well I need the warmups. Guess my CNS just takes a while to prime up.
warmups take a good 30mins or so. So maybe 1 hour 45 without em.
By the time I had started my worksets one hour had gone by already :slight_smile:
Anyway like I said before, the 3-4min rest between exercises and sets is what makes it long, and when your doing a 10% fatigue day, it gets real long.

freaking pecs and triceps are sore as hell!

Also someone told me that my spinal erectors showed through the t-shirt… ahhh clean dead ISO holds :slight_smile:

2nd set of speed fullsquats with 185lbs, to give you an idea how I do em. The first rep is always slower than the 2nd and third at the reversal point. Don’t know why :slight_smile:

right click on clip and save before watching to avoid errors!


Friday 26th March - Cycle1 Get Stronger - Week 7 - Day 3 - Olys/Lower Speed/Reactive 10% Fatigue - Afternoon

Well my upper body was still very sore from last session, especially my pecs.
So I didn’t feel all that great, but not a bad workout, productive I guess.
10% fatigue day today, but this was hard to quantify with the type of exercises I was doing.
Rest lower body for a week and then I start a new microcycle

Workout Rating - 7/10
Workout time - 2.5 hours

Warmup+ CoreWork+Plyos

Did my general warmup - dynamic swings etc, and 10 reps with 25lb in various exercises - Hang slow cleanpull, military press, oly goodmorning, snatch grip BN press, hang powerclean and powerjerks for a few, Fullsquat press for a few.

Rest - 30secs alternating between each exercise. 1min between pairs.

1)Twisting Back Extensions - BWx8,
2)Incline situps with Russian twists to each side at the top - arms held outstretched x6

Ankle Jumps 3x10secs


Warmups - rest - 1min or so
Bar for a couple sets of clean, frontsquats, power jerks warmup stuff

Rest - 2-3mins Hookgrip where possible

PowerClean + PowerJerk + HighHang SquatClean + PowerJerk - 111lbs x 2sets
PowerClean + HighHang SquatClean - 155lbs x 2sets
PowerClean + HighHang SquatClean - 175lbs x 2sets

Sore upper body, so decided not to do any heavier powerjerks. Plus I didn’t particular feel like doing em.
Squatcleans were pretty good today, jumped into then much lower than before, and they felt solid. Thanks to ISO frontsquats I did last session I guess :slight_smile:
Although had problems getting my fingers under the bar in the rack.

Rotating between each exercise

rest - 3mins between each exercise rotating sets

DiveBomb Speed Full Squats
warmups - 45x8, 135 2x3, 165x3, 185x3

66% of (85% Bodyweight+1RM)
Rotation 1)185x3
4)185x3 —> starting slowing here
5)185x3 → did an extra since its 10% fatigue day

Front Squat Oscillatory ISO - CleanGrip
Warmup set - 165x5, 185x5

squatted all of em back up
Rotation 1)165 x 25secs
10% of (85%BW+Load) Dropoff
2)135 x 25secs
3)135 x 22secs

Hmm these felt pretty good, thought they would kill my knees, but were pretty comfy. Guess the ISO frontsquats I have done help here.
Did them at the parallel position - flex, then relax and then bounce

Standing Single Leg Curl ISO
Warmup set - 3 plates x 10secs, 9plates x 10 secs, 12 plates x 40secs

Toes pointed, standing upright
Rotation 1)14plates x 40secs
2)12 x 40secs
3)12 x 40secs
4)12 x 28secs

These had unmarked plates, so wasn’t sure on the loads :frowning:
Anyway I did em standing upright and toes pointed, holding the ISO with a very slight leg knee bend. Found this made em feel a bit like GHR combined with Reverse hyper and dam hard!
If I leaned forward at the waist, it became much easier and the erectors stopped contracting, strange.

Lat Machine Situp Oscillatory ISO - bottom
Warmup set - BW x5sec ISO+5, 25lbs x5sec ISO+5, 45lbs x5sec ISO+5, 70lbs x 5

Rotation 1)70lbs x 25secs New PR!! +10secs
10% of (85%BW+Load) Dropoff
2)50lbs x 25secs
3)50lbs x 15secs

felt good in the warmups, but the worksets killed my abs in a bad way!
These feel good with just standard ISO, but the OI versions, are a bit painful, so will drop these I think. It seems if the abs get slightly cold that’s where they feel cramped up.

Stretched ISO holds - EQI

Bulgarian SplitSquat Stretched ISO hold
BW x 1min each leg

Flat back GoodMorning Stretched ISO hold
40lbs x 1min - started at 45 degree, and ended at parellel

Speaking of the devil…I hit 100kg this morning straight out of bed… or 220lbs LOL hmm…

Bench PR clip from today

Closegrip(14inches) 255lbs x2

right click on clip and save before watching to avoid errors!


Tuesday 30th March - Cycle 1 Get Stronger - Week 8 - Day 1 - Upper1 Strength - Afternoon

Interesting workout, it’s been 1 week since I have done any upper body stuff, and 2 weeks since this workout - so I haven’t done any rows, bench or curls in 2 weeks, yet still got PRs. Weights didn’t feel heavy either relatively speaking.

Workout time - 1.5 hours
Workout rating - 8.5/10

Rotating sets between each exercise, 1 to 1.5 mins between each during warmups and earlier sets and then 3 mins later on

14 inch grip Bench

Warmups - Pushup against wall x6, ISO held at sticking point - 45x8+5sec ISO, 95x5+5sec ISO, 135x5+5sec ISO, 185x3+5sec ISO, 225x1

Rotation 1) - 255lbs x 2.5 New 2RM PR!!

5% of (15%BW+load) dropoff
Rotation 2) 240lbs x 2
Rotation 3) 240lbs x 2
Rotation 4) 240lbs x 0.5 → felt heavy taking it off the pins

Cooldown - 20inch grip - 95x15

I just struck a brick wall at the sticking point on the 3rd rep with 255lbs.
Would have been nice to get it - would have been a 10lb PR from 2 weeks ago, but when you consider the fact I haven’t benched at all since then, I can’t complain
Also the warmups for Ticep Extension ISOs, probably sapped the 5-10lbs of extra force I needed to bust though.
All the warmups felt somewhat light interestingly enough.
Anyway I think 265 is easily in the bag (without a bounce), same for 275, maybe I can get 285. But I’d like to hit 295 the next time I max out. I figure once I can crank out 5 reps with 255lbs I’ll be there. Triceps still the main weakpoint, also need more explosiveness.

Think I will do more ISO for bench this microcycle. Also the 20inch grip felt good on the cooldown set, maybe I will try benching with that grip in the future to see what I can get on it. Same grip as my Military press and jerk.

Seated Low Pulley Rows - V Parallel Grip

Warmups - 30kg x5+5sec ISO, 3 reps then 5 sec ISO hold in contracted position 40kg, 55, 65, 80, then 85kg x1

ISO hold in contracted position, terminated once handle separated from body
Rotation 1) 85kg x 16secsNew PR!!

5% of (15%BW+load) dropoff
Rotation 2) 80kg x 20secs → held too long
Rotation 3) 80kg x 16ecs
Rotation 4) 80kg x 12secs

Cooldown - 45kg x12

Up from 70kg x 30secs, been a while since I did these too.

Dumbell Lying Tricep Extensions - Parallel Grip

Warmup - 5sec ISO holds - 30lbs, 45lbs, 55lbs

ISO hold at sticking point
Rotation 1) +55lbs x 30secs New PR!!

5% of (6%BW+Weight) Dropoff -
Rotation 2) 50lbs x 30secs
Rotation 3) 50lbs x 25secs

Cooldown - Rotating style 15lbs x15

Up from 45lbs x 40secs. Triceps were aching something fierce, especially on the 3rd set!

Standing Dumbell Curl

Warmup - 5sec ISO holds - 30lbs, 45lbs, 55lbs

ISO hold at sticking point
Rotation 1) 50lbs x 15secs New PR!! +5lbs

5% of (6%BW+load) dropoff
Rotation 2) 45lbs x 15secs
Rotation 3) 50lbs x 10secs —> picked up wrong dumbell…

Cooldown - 15lbs x12

Single Arm Standing Low Pulley L-Flyes on Free Motion Machine
Warmup - 10lb x 6, 20lbs x5 rest - 3mins

27.5lbs x 14 New PR!! +2.5lbs

5% of (6%BW+load) dropoff
25lbs x 8

external rotors are pretty darn strong now

ISO Stretches - EQI

Low Pulley ROW Stretched ISO hold - Close Curl Grip on Staright Bar

50kg x 1.5mins

Tricep Dip Forward leaning Leg supported Stretched ISO hold
BW x 1.5 mins

Free Motion Pulley Delt Stretched ISO hold
80lbs x 1min

Shoulder dislocate pec stretches with staff and then light bands